What is an Herb Grinder?

If you are a long-time or casual stoner, chances are very high that you already know what an herb grinder is. This page is not for you rather for those who have only recently began to experiment with the sticky goodness, the devil's lettuce. 

If you have touched the herb, then you know it is very coarse and sticky. How do you break it down to be consumed? You can break it down with your hands but that will take a very long time. Try it and let me know how long that takes you to break down to a fine sand-like powder consistency because that's what you want if you are going to be rolling or hitting bong/pipe. That is because this sand-like powder is easily combustible. Lighting it up will not cause any air flow issues. 

Breaking it down by hand will take you probably 20 minutes. But why spend that much time preparing and making your fingertips extremely sticky (yes, the herb tends to be very sticky as mentioned before, sort of like a super glue consistency that is very hard to wash away; that is why there are strains called Gorilla Glue; it makes your fingers sticky). To avoid such issues and to save yourself some time, you can purchase an herb grinder. It is designed to break down herb in a very short period of time with the help of its sturdy metal teeth - that is if you buy a metal herb grinder of course, there are cheap plastic ones out there, too.

There are many different types of herb grinder, however the best ones are made of metal since metal last longer and is sturdy. We suggest that you get one of these if you are planning on using a grinder multiple times. Our store currently offers a very beautiful Gold Herb Grinder, check it out. 

The Mr. Ganja Gold Herb Grinder comes as a four piece grinder. The top two portions are where the magic happens. They both have teeth and the bottom counterpart also has holes. When you stick your herb between these two compartments and rotate the top part while it's resting on the bottom, the herb is broken down and falls into the third compartment. This is where you will find the herb to be rolled. But wait that's not it. 

The bottommost compartment sits below a mesh of the third compartment. The mesh lets through what is called kief, a fine powder of the herb that is a more concentrated version of its derivative. After about 50 grinding sessions, you will find this section to be filled and may choose to experiment with it if you wish. It is way more potent than just the plant itself. 

Let us know if you may have any questions after reading this post, we will be glad to answer them. 

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