How to roll a J with Mr. Ganja

How to roll a J like a pro, steps:

1) Pour a nice batch of your tree nugs out on Mr. Ganja Herb Rolling Tray

2) Pick out the nice parts, throw away the stems and seeds (some people like to chew on the stems, since it gives of a nice flavor and aroma but ingestion is definitely not recommended)

3) Put the nice parts in your Mr. Ganja Gold Herb Grinder 

4) Grind it until you have a nice moon sand sort of consistency

5) Make a crutch (filter tip) with any non-toxic tiny piece of cardboard. This will help you not suck in any of the ground flower when you are lighting up. A zig zag shape is preferred.

6) Put the crutch on a piece of rolling paper. Make sure it does not unravel by holding it down tight against the paper. Pour your newly-ground flower on the rolling paper. Pour in a fashion such that your flower is evenly dispersed in the end. (Do not pour more than you can roll)

7)Start rolling the paper with your index fingers in the back, your middle fingers supporting the weight of the joint form below, and your thumbs in the front. 

8) Roll it into a cylindrical shape. It is all in the momentum of your motion. 

9) Once, you have a nice cylindrical shape, tuck in the non-sticky side of the paper. 

10) Lick the sticky part and stick on. 

10) Pack in the excess flower from the open end with a pencil or other cylindrical bit that will fit inside of your j. Twist the front tip of the j if there is excess paper. BOOM. J is ready! 

11) Light up and enjoy. Get lit!

Contact us if you have any questions. 

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