Mr. Ganja Grinder and Tray 1.0


Mr. Ganja Herb Grinder and Herb Tray

Since the release of our herb tray and herb grinder line back in November, we have received nothing but compliments on the design and quality of our product. 

We introduced it as a gift set for the Holidays and most people embraced that idea and purchased it as such. When they received it, their expectations were trumped by the physical splendor of our grinder and tray. Most were surprised that what we sell is exactly as advertised on our photos. A luxury gift set for your stoner friend, family member, or self (sometimes we have to treat ourselves as well). 

Our confidence in our product was present pre-release but our customers were kind enough to leave feedback to confirm our expectations of ourselves. Within 3 weeks of release, we received the bestseller tag on Etsy and received countless reviews. I will share a few with you. 


 Mr. Ganja Gold Herb Grinder and Tray review

Mr. Ganja Gold Herb Luxury Rolling Tray Stoner Aesthetics

Mr. Ganja Stoner Essentials Gift Set with herb grinder and herb tray

Stoner Aesthetics Gold Luxury Herb Grinder and Rolling Tray Mr. Ganja


You can read more of the reviews here if you are interested in what other people have to say. We share these reviews so that you can decide whether it is worth it to buy our luxury herb grinder and rolling tray. People say it is but the decision is yours. 

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